87/150 (170) kV,

(Aluminium Conductor, XLPE Insulated, Copper Wire Screened, Water Sealing, Lead Sheathed, HDPE Sheated)

Standard Specification : IEC 60840


  • Copper / Aluminium Conductor
  • HT Semiconductive Tape
  • Inner Semiconductive Compound (Bounded)
  • Super Clean XLPE Insulation
  • Outer Semiconductive Compound (Bounded)
  • Semiconductive Water Block
  • Metalic Copper Wire Screen
  • Metalic Copper Tape Screen
  • Semiconductive Water Block
  • Lead Alloy Metalic Sheath
  • Non Conductive Water Block
  • PE or PVC Outer Sheath

Single core High Voltage Cable, Copper or Alumunium Conductor with rated Voltage of 170 kV, Apllies for underground transmission with power frequency of 50-60 Hz.


  • Max Duration Short Circuit at 5 second, Operating temperature of cable conductor shall not exceed 250° C.
  • Minimum bending radius of cable shallnot be smaller than 15 times of actual overall diametre cable.

Standard Specification
IEC 60840

Standard Packing

  • Steel Drum, Max. 500 Meter.
  • Gross Weight, Max. 20 – 22 Ton each Drum
  • Diameter Steel Drum 3.6 meter and Width 2.4 meter